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I have never felt as fit and healthy as I do training at Destination Motivation. I have more weight to loose but I know with this team at Destination Motivation behind me there is no stopping me.
Tom Casey
Destination motivation is your final destination on your search for weight loss! That is for certain! Trust me I’ve tried everything else!
Mairead Quinn
Destination motivation is not only brilliant for those looking to lose weight but also for people who want to keep fit. Before joining I tried everything and hated exercising. Now I look forward to the classes and the trainers are so friendly and very helpful. I would highly recommend destination motivation.
Caoimh Cross
I lost 45lbs in 13 weeks. I can’t even put in to words how this has changed my life. My self confidence has soared. I was never a fan of long mirrors, but I now catch myself liking my reflection.
Marion Moore
I owe getting my life back to Barry O’Connell and the staff of Destination Motivation. I would recommend anyone who is in need of changing their life around please come and join and let them help you change your life.
Sheila Garvey
A huge thank you to Martin and Johnny on gettin me into shape for my wedding!! I feel great about myself and really enjoyed the year!!
Elaine Lee
Best decision I ever made was joining Destination Motivation! Since joining DM I have lost over 3 stone but its not just the weight loss its the support you get from the trainers and the people you train with. I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been in my life.
Jason Kelly
The best for me was going to my favourite shop buying fabulous jeans in a dress size smaller and seeing and feeling the improvement in my health (physical and mental) and body shape. I love it & would highly recommend it!
Aideen McNamara

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